# 6 Wisdom


Many people ask the question...where do you get your ideas from? Well, I will confess to you 99% of the time I  find them. You have heard me say over and over again-write about what you have knowledge of and what you are passionate about. I love history...I know alot about history and all my stories are based on a true event that happened...then I fictionalize the story. The world we live in has so much information available to us. Somewhere I read that the worlds knowledge is doubled evry few hours. 

Most people are interested in what happened yesterday because they feel it is relevant to their lives; if its new... its important and fresh. 

I chuckle at that because what is fresh to me is something nobody heard of before and its hard to believe it really happened. This woke society thinks the worst thing that can happen is if someone calls you a name.

So much history has been lost because it is not taught anymore. That history is just as important and entertaining as history that is made today.

Stories are about people and peoples basic needs, wants and desires have not changed that much in two thousand years.

Just remember that a story about a crime, event or experience of a person as been replicated somewhere down the historical line and the best part nobody knows about it. It is fresh and entertaining!

Happy trails till we meet again!