#4 Wisdom


A new writer... if you want to make money; is undertaking  a serious venture into the unknown. 

I mean where is the book that is published covering every aspect of creating a business writing novels?

If you found one it would be at least few thousand pages long, weigh many pounds and cost hundreds of dollars...and the person trying to comprehend it would fall fast asleep or throw the book away and never write a single word. Such is the amount of knowledge a person needs.  As a professor once told me and I'm sure you heard does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

On my way to a  writing career and my life I walked the road less traveled. Like my Gunnery Sergeant told me... "Pain is good, extreme pain is extremely good." And that is why they call the USMC..."Uncle Sam's Misguided Children."

I have callouses on my eyeballs from writing so much and on my ass from sitting behind my computer for hours per day writing.

So what's a few hardened parts of my body? As long as my heart is soft and pliable and can witness  paragraphs that make me cry and my heart quiver.

Hell, it may not affect you but it affects me!

And I'm betting if it affects me it will...affect you!