Interview with Steven Osarczuk


Seadog Publishing Presents...Steven Osarczuk


Today we have the honor of interviewing Steven Osarczuk our narractor that does all of Seadog Publishing narration of our novels. 

You may listen to the the interview or read it.

1.        Please tell us about yourself?

Well, I've been an audiobook narrator and voice over artist for a few years now. Prior to that I was self employed as a custom woodworker/ carpenter and ran my own woodshop for about 10 years. Before that, I was a law enforcement officer for 27 years. I started as a communications officer in Dispatch and worked my way through the ranks to Lieutenant, commander of operations. I oversaw day to day operations, training, the Detective Division and the Tactical Officers Division and Internal Affairs. I myself was a Critical Incident and Crisis Manager as well as a Hostage Negotiator on the tactical response team. I am also a fine arts painter with a focus on Photo Realism and Art History  - which was my major in college. I'm a father of three adult children and Papa to one very special grandson. My wife Marie has quite successfully run her own legal service for the last 27 years and we live in a bucolic valley along the Hudson River here in upstate NY.    

2.        Are you an author?

Yes and no. I have no book titles to my credit but I have been writing and editing stories for well over 30 years.

3.        What made you decide to narrate fiction books/nonfiction books?

As far back as I can remember in my adult life I always had the notion to become a voice over artist  but more along the lines of a radio DJ and not an audiobook narrator. However, I never knew how to go about achieving that.  Back then the technology was not within everyday reach like it is now. When my friend of 38 years finished his book and we were able to publish it I quite by accident stumbled across the audiobook platform. In publishing his book the question was asked, "Would you like to make your book into an audiobook?" and I said, "Yes." Then I taught myself how to do that and because I am also a carpenter, I built myself a nice studio and loaded it with all the latest and greatest audio  equipment and gadgets.

4.        What should an author expect from a narrator?

From a good narrator an author should expect 1. Experience - knowing how to maneuver through the worlds of audiobook creation and the different platforms out there. 2. Should expect advice and counsel regarding industry standards as well as the do's and don'ts of audiobook productions. 3. Should expect the narrator to be an excellent storyteller and not simply narrate the lines but perform them. 4. The narrator should know both sides of the process - writing and what it takes and means and narrating and performing the written word. 5. The narrator should be professional, timely and without ego. 6. Should be in constant communication with the author regarding the elements, characters and plots of the story. 7. The author should expect to be made part of the narrator production team and participate in production as much as possible. It should be the goal of the narrator to make the very best audiobook he/she is capable of.

5.        What should a narrator expect from an author?

A narrator should expect from an author: 1. A professionally edited manuscript. 2. To communicate with the author on a regular basis. 3. An understanding that although we all want our books produced into audiobooks like right now, the process takes time.        

6.        How much advance notice does an author who wants to use your professional narration services need to give you?
Narrators schedule work months in advance because it takes months to narrate and produce an audiobook.  I would say a good time frame to use would be about 6 months. If you can secure a future date with your narrator then consider that a win.  

7.        Did you always have an excellent set of pipes?
Well, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate the compliment but what I have I was born with, so thanks really goes to mom and dad. All the men in my family have this voice.   

8.        Your different voices are unique. Is this natural, or do you have to work at it?
Natural? oh dear no.... I was raised on Long Island and have only one accent - that one....a Long Island accent.  Hiding that accent is work. The beauty of the studio is that I can take as long as I need to, to speak any language or use any accent the characters might have. I have to work at it constantly. I do so by listening and parroting what I hear. 

9.        What are your goals as a narrator?
My personal goal as a narrator is to have fun, make new friends across the globe and tell great stories. My professional goal as a narrator is to bring voice to your characters in the way you've always heard them in your head and to create the very best audiobook I can and to give your novel a voice for all time.  

10.          Do you accept all books and authors who want to use your services?
No. I really do hate turning down work but unfortunately it is a part of the business. Production schedules dictate a lot of what can be done in the course of a year and as much as my voice might not be the right fit for every author, every author's book might not be the right fit for me. And as much as audiobook narration is acting, the narrator must have a connection with the story in order to be believable. There are aspects and/or subject matter in certain books that I find distasteful and won't take on. 
Here is a list of Steven's narration titles:

Here is what I have - I've also done voiceover book promotion video trailers and some Youtube voiceover work as well and some video game word building voiceover narration. 

An Attended Death Fifteen Tales of Horror and Suspense  by Anthony James Mazza

4 hours 30 minutes

In Plain Sight by Edmund Okocha 

7 hours 49 minutes 

Super Moon Protocol by JT Fluhart

7 hours 10 minutes 

Something To Think About  by Johnnie Williams III

2 hours 9 minutes

Blackout by Cate McKoy

6 hours 13 minutes 

Coins For The Skull by Chad Dingler

6 hours 56 minutes

Orks of Orakian by EMBUgaming 

Slug Wiseman by Michael Flowers

7 hours 29 minutes

Take Control of Your Life by J.Paul Nadeau

6 hours 45 minutes

Extracting Elian by Keith A. Roberts

2 hours 55 minutes

Quotes From Famous Men YouTube video by JackFrank698 

I Woke Up Without an Ed by Don Harpell

Under 5 minutes

Gunny Mac Private Detective 

Trouble in Chinatown by Steven Walker

8 hours 2 minutes

Gunny Mac Private Detective 

Trouble in Cleveland by Steven Walker

5 hours 46 minutes

Apologia For The Law and The Sabbath

by Roger Hadad

4 hours 29 minutes

The Heart of Demesne

by James W. Killman

8 hours 30 minutes