Literary Agents...Who are They?


Just a note... I wanted to say a few words about people who claim to dislike literary agents, as if there is a plot to keep us authors from being discovered. If that is the case, as an infantry officer who has gone through many training schools to avoid capture in various climes, they are really good! Especially how they get away from me, LOL! Here are a few of my thoughts.

Every job has its fun parts, and every job can make you feel overwhelmed by the sheer force of the job. Too much work, insufficient time, boss constraints, talent, deadlines, how much money you must make for the company to keep your job... I could go on and on, but why bore you with facts you already know. Being a literary agent must be a job that is hell on earth. There are so many books to look at and decide what will sell and what won't. After a while, being in a sort of bubble, you begin to lose the ability to know what is good or bad or what will sell. You start to lose perspective, like a person who rates restaurants and must eat food every day. Tastes start to mingle together, taste buds get overworked, and food becomes an enemy. You lose the zeal to eat food. They may look at the next book like I do after a Thanksgiving dinner, when I rub my stomach, and envision a thick steak with mashed potatoes the next day.

I think the best way to find a literary agent is to read about them, understand what they are looking for, respect their time and effort, read the books they love, and become friends with one—send them a note, tell them you appreciate the books they represent, and depending on the agent, send some flowers. Become a fan and a friend. Just my opinion, folks... I think I will try my own advice:) LOL