Marketing Your Novel


Marketing is an area that takes much time to master, and money. Not only do you have to write an entertaining book, but it must be edited correctly, the cover must be just right, and the writer must be one tough cookie. A writer friend once told me that you don't start making your money back until you have at least five of six books published in multiple formats. It's expensive and time consuming. The knowledge base you must have is enormous. Building out your Amazon page, blurbs, author website, and education is almost heartbreaking. A writer must look long term and not be looking to make immediate money... (my opinion only) because odds are that won't happen. Writing is a most businesses you can't afford to be undercapitalized and you must expect five years before your business is fully developed and making money. I remember a great author who committed suicide because he wrote an excellent book that no one wanted to publish. After his death his mother kept sending it out month after month to publishers. One bought it...the title, "Confederacy of Dunes" It won the Pulitzer Prize.