Software to Help You Write Better.


Look... I write like the old black and white movies about heroic newspapermen of the 1940s and 1950s. You know when the story was everything and so was the truth. Men who went after the scoop because it was their job to bring out real facts to the American public. 

I'm not saying I'm heroic, only that I'm usually behind the times because I don't like the times we are living in. 

And I am not a techno guy. I barely can type on my computer and if I run into problems it usually takes me hours to figure out what my problem is. 

So for me to use different software it is  unusual. I have tried different sotware only to find out that it is not as easy to use like they advertise. Then I ask for my money back after several hours of wasted time.

Today I'm going to pour out my love and praise for two examples which have helped me and brought me into the modern world. Two items that even I can use and they are extremely helpful.

1. Grammarly. Wow it gets better each time I use it. It seems to understand how I write and then corrects me. It corrects me as I write. Punctuation...mispelled words...awkward sentences... extra words I don't need-it slaps me along side my brain housing group and each time I learn from my mistakes. It is teaching me how to write more effectively.  Its so easy a former Marine could use it...LOL (me).

I could go into such detail that I would bore you to tears. Try the free the way I donot receive any money from them- so this is love from me to you.

2. WordTune... it is an AI program that assists the writer in editing. WOW! It doesn't write the story for you but put your curser before the sentence or paragraph you need help with and you get four or five different paragraphs that are usually better than mine. When I use it; I take one of their choices about 80% of the time. The good part is once you take one of their corrects again to get an outstanding new sentence or paragraph! It sort of whittles choices down to the best one...then I use grammarly and my writing is WOW!!!!

This software is internet based...I almost didn't buy because of this but it is seamless. Again i don't receive money fro this company.

I hope I helped you writers a little bit. Happy trails until we meet again!