What Writing Software Do I Recommend?


I realize google doesn't want to promote articles unless they are a thousands words or more but I'm not going to do that. I cut the fluff and I get to the point.

Your time is valuable, so is mine.

I have been writing novels for five plus years. I have listened to hundreds of gurus on podcasts, websites, and read many of their blogs and books. They are interested in selling and upselling their products. They give you a pin prick of real information and try to sell you a product where they get paid. Nothing wrong with that, its the American way. But it never stops!

I don't get any money from anyone.

If there is a person out there that wants to do that...send me an email...HAHA

I'm going to give you my testimonial on one person and two products just because they are truely worth your valuable time and money.

The person!

His name is Larry Brooks and his website is: Take it to the bank he is excellent and saved my writing career. I met him at a writing conference in columbus, Ohio and he taught me what I needed to know for $50.00. The best deal I ever had. Go visit his website...go buy his books. Worth a college education.  I went to his writing conference while I was writing my first novel Gunnymac Private Detective Trouble in Chinatown. After he taught me about Concept and Premise, I finished my novel in three months. He is a great guy and wonderful teacher.

I tried several editing software programs and the one that is my favorite is Grammarly. It should has edited 36 millions words of mine. I think we are tight! My mistakes (as I write) are displayed on the right side of my document. I look at it and it shows me where in my document the error is. On the right side I click on the error and it corrects my document. After using it for a few years it has adapted to my writing and language!  Its so simple to use I can use it!   Try it out you'll thank me by buying one of my books!

HAHA I guess I'm as bad as the rest!

Wordtune is a cheap but tremendous AI product. When I have written an awkword paragraph or I feel its awkward and I'm missing something, I copy that paragraph and put it in Wordtune and click edit. Most of the time it gives me 6 or 7 new wordings. Some are bad, one or two are wonderful. I correct it and I can edit again and it gets better.  I don't use the sections to shorten or lengthen a paragraph.

You can try it for the announcer once said, "Try it you'll like it!"

Happy Trails till we meet again.