When Writer's See a Train Coming at Them!


I have joined many facebook groups to gain an insight how new writers think. Once in a while I hear a poor voice in the wilderness crying out for help. It is a pitiful voice and I fight against answering the call for help. My Catholism overcomes the tiny voice of reason... don't do it! And yes I answer. Usually with the best of what I have learned in my life. I use passion, experience, truth and reason. These words develop into knowledge and wisdom.

That is a mistake my fellow writers. In todays society those four words I mentioned above are not utilized, learned, appreciated, or lived by.

If you share with these people the fact that the road to perdition is strewn with the bones of people who wanted to write but who have not yet lived a full life, they have no desire to learn why.

I guess because everything I've done in my life has been hard to master. Someone could say it was because I'm stupid or immature, or someone could say I chose challenging paths. I will leave that to people who know me well.

Simple fact; we were designed to achieve and overcome.

If you are not in the process of overcoming an abstacle you aren't growing as a person. Or living! This is where passion is born in the soul of each human being.

Obstacles destroy many people instead of what they are meant to do...make people stronger.

Overcoming an obstacle is in fact achieving.
When you overcome an obstacle you gain experience.

Truth is learned because you can't overcome any obstacle without understanding truth. You have to stare into the eye of truth!

You learn how to reason using truth as your guide posts.

So it goes with writing. To most of us mortals writing a novel is different shall we say. Most people defeat themselves before they even begin. They tell their subconscience mind they can't do it...or they are stupid, or not educated enough.

All unreasonable thoughts!

I believe anyone who has attained an 8th grade education and can read and write can write a novel. But first you have to live. Don't make writing a novel bigger than you.

If I can write three novels you can write three novels...if you really want to do it and pay the price. The price I paid ...I will not share with you that unique price because your price will be your price!

Good luck and god bless.
PS. When you see the train coming get out of the way. Ask for help!
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