Writing Wisdom #1


I have spent five years trying to learn how to write a novel...I read twenty books on fiction technique, I attended numerous writers conferences, I listened to 100 blogcasts, reviewed at least three hundred writing websites, and have reviewed over thirty writing facebook groups. What have I learned?

I learned how to write by writng over one million words in the process of writing my first novel.

I have over four hundred undergraduate hours and over 140 graduate hours.

Guess what?

They did not help me write my detective series.

What did help me? 

Logic...common sense, knowing my subject matter and making the rest up. 

And the last important item...passion for my genre.

Gee,  Steve is that all? Then I can be a writer. My response is anyone can be a writer if they write to better their craft. No one wakes up and has the fundamentals needed to write a novel correctly. After your writing internship or being a writing apprentice then you are ready to write.