You Can Do Your Own Marketing!


I have decided, after much deliberation, not to waste any more money paying groups or individuals my hard-earned money to market my books. I will explain to you why. Recently, on LinkedIn, where I try to mind my own business and share ideas, I get inundated with people trying to sell me their services for my publishing company, Seadog Publishing. I'm polite and understand people want to make a living just like me. They ask the right questions but give me the wrong answers. I tell them I'm a writer, and learning to market my books is time-consuming. The worst part is it takes me away from my writing and leaves me in a foul mood. I find it challenging to write and spend hours learning how to market. It took me five years to learn to write fiction!

I have learned over the years why they fail to market my books. I know some wise-ass will say...write a book that people want to read:) But my book is fun and enjoyable to a small audience. I don't write romance novels, for goodness sake! My first novel just won some acclaim as a finalist for best book in 2023. (American Fiction Awards).

If someone finds my market, I will make enough money if 1% of the world's population buys my book, and I have three of them in my series.


But alas, marketers are lazier than most writers.

I get the feeling that most business people who market novels lack business sense and are out for instant money without putting in much effort. They look for volume.

Again, not one marketer has told me I only deal with books I love, understand, or feel I can market. They think short the dummy author will use me once, and I have $60.00 in my pocket, and who cares if he comes back as a repeat customer. It would be more advantageous, I think, if they thought long-term. Keep this customer for life!

This would lead to long-term relationships and more money down the line.

I can guarantee that no marketing company or individual reads my book. They have no clue what they are marketing. Of course, this takes time and effort... kinda like writing a novel.

If you are trying to market your novel, let me give you some knowledge...and my opinion.

Don't waste your money on these people or companies that might sell 3-6 books for you and make you think you are successful. I have paid $60.00 and sold three books many times. That is expensive. I could fill this blog with all the people and companies that have failed me.

If you contact me individually, I will share those with you.

Some rules and facts to help you.

1. Make sure they read your book/novel. Talk to someone and have them explain your book.

2. The moment someone contacts me saying we will market your book to our email lists and social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, three times a day, week, month, and keep your book on our listing page forever, run like hell away.

3. They throw mud against the wall in hopes that someone, through pure luck, buys your book.

4. You pay them your hard-earned cash to broaden their business, not yours.

5. If you decide to use a person or company and not take my free advice, ask them this: I want you to read my book and understand it enough to market it to the proper audience. Please indicate the plan of action, markets, and people you will specifically search for to sell my novel. They will try and blow smoke up your behind and try to act like they know what they are doing. Demand them to have a detailed plan of action. Oddly, they will not call, text, or have anything to do with you.

So, what do I recommend?

You are going to have to put your interest ahead of anyone else. You must study and learn how to market your book or books. You will have to spend money and time. You will have to do the hard work. You will have to have an author website. You must learn all the ins and outs of using that website. You will have to learn how to sell your books on your website. You will have to have several books to market. You will have to have a paperback...Ebook and audiobook to sell.

You must learn to write good novels and market like a pro.

I have a vintage truck with advertisements on the side doors and back. I go to fairs and vintage auto shows, talk to veteran groups, give talks to seniors, and sell my books off my truck tailgate. I meet people, I have fun, I get emails. I develop relationships and develop friendships.

I'm taking a course on how to market...I never stop learning because if I'm to be successful, it will be up to me.

I served in the Marine Corps, and they taught me there is no substitute for winning. And like a good Marine, you must be tough and know what you are doing.

You can do it. Anyone who needs assistance, email me from this site, and I will help you.