Your Characters Write the Novel


We are spending January, February, and March at Seabrook Island and Beaufort, South Carolina. The weather has been beautiful, and I've been writing, writing, and writing onward to my goal of completing my third novel, Gunny Mac Private Detective Trouble in Tomahawk Gap.

The best part is I've gotten to love my characters, and I know them so well they basically write the novel for me, like giving free rein to a horse. They react to my story and events, and I go along for the ride. I guess that happens when I spend so much time with them—well, over a million and a half words have been written. (It's all about them!) I have to slap them back in line when they head off in the wrong direction.

My advice to writers has always been: "Good things happen when you have a passion for and knowledge of what you are writing about."

I have been around so many men like my main characters that I know how they will react because real men who are good men react the same way under the same conditions; especially if the men are self-aware, principled, and honorable.

Why write about nasty, unprincipled men?

For example it would be hard for me to write about someone who kills for fun or for no reason. I could write about other types of killing, but I can not comprehend why someone would murder another person.

My brain is not wired that way...I wouln't know where to go with him or her. There would be spaces in my brain that I could not connect with the character leaving my story fragmented. 

You maybe different and that is excellent but I know who I am and therefore write about what I can relate too! Try it you will lke it!